Equine & Canine First Aid Classes

 Raven Tree Stables: Equine & K9 Education offers classes in Equine and Canine First Aid. 

Zoe Seppi is a Licensed Equine First Aid Instructor through Equi-First Aid USA  and Canine-Health International with a wide variety of courses available for all skill and age levels throughout Alaska. 

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Equine Health & Emergency First Aid Course

Join us for a seven hour course covering: what your vet needs to know, conditioning a horse to accept treatment, taking vital signs, recognizing pain and pain source identification, saddle fit for spinal health, injury prevention and more! 

Participants receive a manual, barn vitals card and Certificate of completion.

Cost of the course is $169/person. 

Advanced Equine First Aid

Wilderness & Show grounds versions available

Join us for seven hours of advanced equine emergency first aid and learn what to do in extreme situations! Covering everything from lacerations, burns to bites, fractures to sucking chest wounds, this course prepares the students to handle most serious injuries while waiting for the vet. 

**Equine Health & Emergency First Aid is a prerequisite for this class.**

Participants receive a manual and Certificate of completion.

Cost of the course is $169/person. 

Courses are recognized by the following organizations: Capri/Intercity Insurance for incentives on equine mortality insurance policies, Provincial Veterinary Associations for Continuing Education for Veterinary Technicians, Green Certificate Programs/Agriculture Programs (high school credits), PATH, EAGALA , IAABC, and more. 

Disaster Planning & Emergency Preparedness 

A MUST for any livestock owner, this course will train you in fire prevention, planning for and executing safe evacuation procedures, hidden dangers and responding to first aid emergencies. It also covers what to do in natural disasters such as flooding, wildfires, ice storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and more.

Don't be unprepared - we can help you help your animals. This course is suitable for any livestock operation, not just horses, and is supported by the insurance industry.

Participants receive a manual and Certificate of completion.

Cost of the course is $169/person. 

Safe Trailering Practices 

Keeping your horse safe is your number one priority. Is your trailer safe and do you know what your horse experiences during a collision? What are the protocols, your responsibilities and liabilities when involved in an accident, and laws around hauling? Do you know if the size and layout of your trailer provides your horse comfort and stability, or if is putting strain on their body, leading to potential injury?

Join us for a hands-on day of learning how to keep your horse as safe as possible and how to be prepared for the unthinkable. 

Participants receive a manual and Certificate of completion.

Cost of the course is $169/person. 

First Aid Fundamentals 

(ages 10 & up)

A condensed version of our Emergency First Aid, this is a four hour fast paced clinic. Working hands on with horses, you will learn to take vital signs, recognize pain in the horse, detect colic, and participate in lots of bandaging in realistic scenarios! 

All attendees receive a first aid reference booklet and certificate of completion. 

Cost of the course is $99/person.

Backcountry Guide to Equine First Aid Class

A condensed version of our wilderness first aid, this four hour half day course will help you learn how to plan, prepare and react to emergencies while you're out in the backcountry.  From communications to packing, injury to illness, this course is filled with must-know before you go information.

Participants get a booklet to take home and a certificate of completion. 

Cost of course is $99/person

Essentials in Emergency Preparedness

This 2 hour class is a condensed version of our all day Disaster Planning and Emergency Preparedness course. This class covers:

Participants get a booklet to take home and a certificate of completion. 

Cost of course is $30/ person

Payment is due before manuals are provided.  Invoice to be paid upon receipt & clinic registrations will close 10 business days out to allow for printing of manuals. Registration fee is transferable to other people or dates but non-refundable. Failure to notify host or instructor prior to clinic date may forfeit the ability to transfer.  Email raventreestables@gmail.com if you are registering late so instructor can be prepared to assist you.

Would you like to host a class at your facility?

What we require from a host:

1. Indoor location - arena, barn, shelter - we can teach in just about any size area, but do need a place to get out of the elements.

2. Area for the PowerPoint portion of the course - coffee room, classroom, viewing area or corner of the barn - we require an area to plug in our PowerPoint projector, and for students to be able to sit down - chairs or hay bales will do! If this is not available, we can provide the slides in handout format.

3. Equines! We will work with your horses - any age, any breed, any size. We require 1 horse for every 4 students (20 students per class on average, but smaller groups work too). We do ask that you choose horses that will prove safe to work with for the students, recognizing that horses are living, breathing, reacting animals.

4. The final balance of $169.00 per person is due 7 days prior to the course date, as well as a list of attendees (for certificates and course materials). We accept cash, credit card, or Venmo. Registrations may be transferred from one person to another or to another class date.

What we provide:

1. An Equi-Health Canada / Equi-First Aid USA LLC certified instructor. All instructors have extensive equine backgrounds and are highly experienced in equine emergency first aid.

2. All learning materials - demo legs, wound gel, bandages, vet wrap, weight tape, thermometers, sprayers, stethoscopes, etc.

3. Certificates of completion for all attendees.

4. First aid manuals for all attendees.

5. Normal vs. Abnormal charts for all attendees.

6. Course listing on website (where appropriate for public courses)

Become a host today! email us at raventreestables@gmail.com

Canine CPR & First Aid

The most comprehensive course available!  You will learn from the top canine first aid instructors in North America:

We teach prevention - like knowing which household plants are toxic to your dog and what people medicines they can NEVER have. We cover basic nutrition, exercise and dental care needs,  we teach you about digestive emergencies and how to deal with them,

You get to practice making your own Elizabethan collar and emergency muzzle (even the most docile dogs can act aggressively when they're injured or scared). 

We teach you how to handle the scary stuff, like your dogs heart stops, they have something lodged in their throat and can’t breathe, they've gotten into poison, or have had a terrible accident and needs to be stabilized for safe transport to the Vet.

You will learn and practice a number of different hands-on scenarios - so when an emergency happens muscle memory kicks in and you’ll be able to help your dog in their moment of need.

We do everything with your safety in mind, and you'll take home a 130 page health and first aid quick reference manual.

You earn your paper certificate as well as your wallet CPR card - so you can help any dog in distress!!   

Hands-on, 7 hour course - $159


Our public First Aid classes, fairs, and fun events we will be attending are listed on this calendar! Don't see the classes you are looking for? Get in contact with us today to set one up at raventreestables@gmail.com 

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 Zoe Seppi is a licensed instructor with Equi-First Aid USA. Find out more about the Equi-First Aid USA program and its affiliates at www.equi-firstaid.com

 Zoe Seppi is a licensed instructor with Canine-Health International. Find out more about the Canine-Health International program and its affiliates at the Canine-Health International Website.